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We Thrive on Complementing our Partners

With a large and growing ecosystem of partners, Ocean9 takes pride in complementing each of our partners’ capabilities and offerings. While every partnering situation is unique and will be tailored to joint requirements, we frequently support the following two groups of partners in a distinct fashion.

SAP System Integrators and Managed Service Providers

SAP System Integrators and SAP Managed Service Providers are the trusted advisors of their customers and have deep expertise across many tasks in delivering a complete SAP solution to their customers. Typical tasks include SAP system installation and hosting, Basis management, business configuration, system adaptations, training and more. All our SAP partners are true experts in these areas, backed by years of experience.

Ocean9 complements these partners with deep public cloud experience for enterprise class databases and business systems. This experience is based on an engineering team that is led by our CTO Frank Stienhans, who brings more than 10 years of experience at the intersection of SAP and public cloud to Ocean9.

As early as in 2007, Frank recognized the benefits and opportunities that public cloud can bring to SAP workloads. While at SAP – and later as the SAP professional services lead at Amazon Web Services – Frank built countless SAP cloud solutions. He has enabled many fortune 500 companies in their SAP migrations to public cloud, providing them with unprecedented levels of agility, system performance, and high availability.

These years of experience are now available in the ready-to-consume Ocean9 Intelligent Platform, a SaaS solution with a flexible subscription and consumption model. This solution clearly complements the deep expertise of our SAP partners and enables them to expand and grow their business into the rapidly growing public cloud market.

Ocean9 takes away the challenges of configuring a growing number of AWS cloud services to enable the successful deployment and operation of database and SAP workloads. In turn, this enables our partners to start building their own expertise and experience in public cloud. We will further enable our partners to extend this expertise into areas that add true business value to their customers. Think of extending the SAP Digital Core with leading AWS solutions for the Internet-of-Things, data lakes, or artificial intelligence.

There is nothing better than when together with one of our partners, we can deliver a leading business solution to a joint customer.

Public Cloud Integrators

Besides working with SAP System Integrators, we frequently work with professional services firms that, like Ocean9, have put their focus on cloud. Naturally, they have a deep understanding of public cloud, its benefits, and how to best use it across a broad spectrum of use cases.

However, when it comes to challenging SAP use cases and workloads with highly specific SAP driven requirements, we are happy to help and support Cloud Integrators that have not worked in the SAP arena before.

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