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in 15 minutes and
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Your SAP HANA Database in the Public Cloud

Ocean9 for SAP HANA on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a next generation cloud service that allows you to break SAP HANA out of the longer cycle times of traditional applications. Just like born-in-the-cloud applications, Ocean9 for SAP HANA provides on-demand elasticity, scalability and cloud economics. 

While Ocean9 for SAP HANA is easy to operate via its intuitive user interface, through a powerful command line interface or simply integrated into your overall IT flow through the Ocean9 software development kit (SDK) and application programming interface (API), we frequently deliver the Ocean9 capabilities as part of a managed service. Managed services are provided either provided directly through Ocean9 or by one of our growing list of Ocean9 partners.

Whether managed by your own team in house or by one of our experienced IT operations experts, we are taking your mission critical SAP HANA databases to new levels of agility, reliability, availability, resiliency and security.

The Ocean9 Difference: Re-Inventing SAP DevOps

Rapid deployment speeds are enabling new levels of IT responsiveness; finally system deployments are not the bottleneck of SAP projects any longer. But what's more, this equally provides operational agility, enabling new kinds of DevOps processes. Take the retail business with its notoriously slim profit margins and its uneven distribution of revenues: With Ocean9 retailers - and of course all other companies - can ensure end-user performance by scaling up their systems and can ensure high availability by clustering their systems during these peak seasons. 

Best of all: Scaling-up for performance and adding a site or two for high availability can happen without any downtime. At least when using the fully automated Ocean9 capabilities for these operations!

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Lowering Operational Cost

Maximizing Business Value

Maximum Power and Simplicity + Full Security and Control

Ocean9 for SAP HANA takes full advantage of the powerful AWS platform, leveraging more than 10 distinct cloud services. All these services are being instantiated and configured during our best practices based and completely automated operations. All you need to do is to provide a minimum set of inputs that are easy to understand and master. Examples are system size and number of high availability sites.

The resulting customer specific configurations are deployed into our customers' AWS accounts. This provides you with complete solution transparency and governance as well as with the ability to further customize and extend their SAP HANA systems, for example to take advantage of the growing ecosystem of Internet-of-Things (IoT) cloud services and use cases.

And while we are able to read and correlate meta information about your systems to enable ongoing operation and maximum uptime, Ocean9 operators are not able to access any of our customers valuable business systems.

Leading Capabilities

Ocean9 is built to the most demanding enterprise grade requirements. The list of differentiating features is long including unique capabilities like point-in-time recovery, schedule system start/stop in a graceful fashion as well as automatic stop of idling system, and best of all, sizing and scaling operations on running systems.

The majority of these capabilities are driving by capabilities of the Ocean9 Intelligent Platform and are available across all Ocean9 solutions. Please see these detailed platform capabilities on the Overview page.

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