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Advisory Overview
Cloud Strategy
Digital Transformation
SAP on Public Cloud

The Amazon Web Services cloud is powerful! — Architecting and operating enterprise IT is a demanding expert job!

More and more IT experts agree that bringing both these worlds together is a mandatory next step to secure the competitiveness of their enterprise in the quest to re-invent their business models through digital transformation.

Strategic hands-on hybrid experience

Defining a cloud strategy for a global organization with demanding technology and business requirements is not an easy task. But wherever you are in your journey to cloud, we are here to guide and support you. — Are you working on one of the following challenges?

  • Defining a company wide cloud strategy, architecture and transformation path?
  • Understanding the difference between cloud hosting and native cloud?
  • Working on workload specific projects such as migrating SAP HANA to the cloud?
  • Implementing a Digital Transformation or IoT initiative with the help of elastic cloud services?
  • Or are you already deep into cloud but want to make your cloud infrastructure more reliable?

AWS — Azure — Google Cloud and more ...

Our team's cloud experience dates back to 2007, when Werner Vogels first started to promote the advantages and possibilities of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). We immediately saw the potential and applied our SAP and enterprise lens when exploring and testing the major clouds for powerful enterprise class workloads. For example, members of our team were among the first to deploy SAP HANA on AWS. — This experience and passion for cloud we excitedly share with all our prospects and customers.

Our customer advisory engagements normally last from a few days to a maximum of one to two weeks. And despite - or maybe because of - this focused approach, we jointly work through your cloud requirements, questions and concerns, define a first cloud transformation blueprint for your architecture, and frequently also implement and deploy key cloud services of the to-be architecture with your team.

A tailored offering of advisory services

We see distinct patterns and challenges facing our customers. Based on those, we defined following Ocean9 Cloud Advisory packages:

Cloud Strategy Advisory – Helping to define your path

Deciding on a strategic cloud provider for your enterprise is not an easy task. Not only do you have to assess native capabilities of the cloud offering, but you also have to assess the ability and complexity to implement higher level capabilities related to enterprise class workloads, like High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security and Data Protection.

To make matters more challenging, hybrid cloud is another high priority for many large enterprises.  You may want to integrate existing company assets with public cloud. Or you have to follow internal governance principles that do not allow a single vendor relationship for something as important as your infrastructure.

This advisory package will assist you in defining a specific cloud strategy for your company and is highly  tailored to a customer’s situation, concerns, and goals. And despite the compact timeframe, the final deliverables include a strategic architecture and roadmap combined with business cases and concrete proofs of concept – such as a bill-of-services as well as provisioned cloud services – to get started.

Target Audience

  • Infrastructure Leadership and Chief Architects, across workloads like SAP, Big Data, general databases or similar
  • IT Strategy Leaders in charge of Cloud and Business or Digital Transformation


Normally 1 week onsite; 2 weeks for complex requirements

Scope Outline – Cloud Strategy

1 – Introduction

  • Public cloud architecture principles and key services across providers
  • Explanation of cloud best practices for an enterprise class workload like SAP
  • Summary comparison between major cloud providers considering an enterprise workload and the customer situation

2 – Hybrid Cloud

  • Different hybrid cloud scenarios with their impact on solution architectures
  • Best practice approaches to Hybrid Cloud implementation

3 – Discovery

  • Review current customer workloads and priorities
  • Review corporate requirements for data privacy and protection and more
  • Review and critique cloud options and architectures

4 – Architecture and Timeline

  • Derive customer specific cloud topography
  • Refine general topologies towards more specific solution architectures
  • Propose and discuss a “Getting Started Plan”

5 – Budgetary Project Planning

  • Scope Summary derived from previous steps including high level sequencing
  • Budgetary infrastructure sizing and pricing
  • Propose and discuss a “Getting Started Plan”

6 – Executive Summary

  • Document any open items or next steps
  • Prepare and deliver management presentation

Accelerate your Digital Transformation with Cloud

Hands-on advisory package turning a customer’s defined Digital Transformation strategy and especially use cases into a working cloud Proof-of-Concept (POC) in the most suited public cloud like AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud considering a customer’s preferences.

Depending on the nature of the use case, latest cloud services offerings in the space of streaming-data, IoT and micro compute services will be discussed and used as appropriate for the desired business result.

Final deliverables include a drawn out cloud architecture, high level system estimates and KPIs as well as a budgetary Bill-of-Services.

Target Audience

  • Business and Product Engineering Leaders
  • IT Strategy Leaders
  • Infrastructure Leaders and Senior Architects


Normally 1 week onsite; 2 weeks for complex requirements.

Scope Outline - Digital Transformation

1 – Introduction

  • Explain fundamental characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Explain the symbiosis of Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to IoT, Big Data, Mobile, High Performance Computing in the Cloud
  • Introduction Cloud architecture principles and key services using real customer examples

2 – Discovery

  • 360 review of client’s business, products, key data stores and flows
  • Identification of Data Islands
  • Review Client’s Data Protection and Governance Requirements

3 – Design Thinking

  • Brainstorm on value creation scenarios in the client’s business
  • Design the data flow for the top three scenarios
  • Identify pre-requisites

4 – Business Requirements

  • List governance requirements and model
  • Build cost model correlation for Digital Transformation initiative
  • Clarify security requirements and model
  • Integrate findings into revenue model

5 – Define overall Project

  • Define High Level Architectures for 1 - 2 scenarios and listed requirements
  • Define high level timeline in sync with the customer's Digital Transformation masterplan
  • Propose and discuss a “Getting Started Plan”

6 – Executive Summary

  • Document any open items or next steps.
  • Prepare and deliver management presentation.

EXAMPLE: Architecture for Digital Transformation 

An enterprise customer example for IoT and SAP predictive analytics implemented on Amazon Web Services.

AWS S3, CloudFront, Direct Connect, EMR Cluster, Sensor Data, VPC

Jumpstart your SAP HANA journey to the Cloud

With the Ocean9 for SAP HANA on AWS Jumpstart Advisory, organizations can get started with SAP HANA Systems on Amazon Web Services for all workloads (POC, development, test, production), all scenarios (S/4 HANA, BW/4 HANA, Suite on HANA, BW on HANA, and HANA datamart) and uptime SLAs up to 99.99%. 

This advisory service is a combination of available accelerators and deep technical cloud and SAP HANA expertise. It enables you to roll-out and manage any number of SAP HANA Systems on AWS for the duration of the advisory pilot.

Target Audience

  • IT and SAP Strategy Leaders
  • Senior Cloud and SAP Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects for SAP and other enterprise workloads


1 week onsite

Scope Outline

1 – Introduction

  • Introduction to AWS architecture principles and key services
  • Explain AWS best practices and how they are applied to the Ocean9 SAP HANA on AWS architecture
  • Understand Ocean9 “white box” model, enabling customer security and AWS extensibility
  • Determine customer specific SAP HANA requirements for system sizing, landscape design and business continuity 

2 – Foundation

  • Setup customer AWS environment in customer AWS account
  • Setup Ocean9 for SAP HANA environment
  • Understand key Ocean9 solution capabilities and underlying design patterns
  • Hands-on exercises for system setup and correlation of SAP HANA artifacts in Ocean9 with AWS service artifacts 

3 – System Provisioning

  • Provision customer specific SAP HANA instances on AWS including security considerations, user setup, backup schedules, high availability and business continuity setup
  • Loading of customer data with possible system resizing if necessary; we always start small and size up if necessary for maximum cost efficiency
  • Customer specific setups or AWS extensions
  • System testing and validation

4 – SAP HANA Operations in the Cloud

  • Understand SAP HANA operations principles and best practices
  • Conduct all typical backup, fail-over and recovery activities
  • Try-out Software Development Kit (SDK) as well as Command Line Interface (CLI) for Ocean9

6 – Executive Summary

  • Week in review
  • Document any open items or next steps
  • Prepare and deliver management presentation

Ocean9 for SAP HANA on AWS architecture

Solid understanding fo the below best practices based Ocean9 architecture is a key takeaway of this advisory package. Throughout the week, it will be referenced frequently to explain advanced cloud computing principles.

AWS Architecture for SAP HANA with High Availability and Disaster Recovery across 3 Availability Zon