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Mapping out Your Path to Cloud Adoption

With every major industry and technology shift, there are early adopters and followers. And wherever you and your company are in the cloud adoption journey, there are patterns of adoption that reap the highest business benefit at any given time. Having a clear understanding of your adoption path helps to determine a fast and successful migration to the cloud – one that meets your requirements while going at the speed that’s right for you and your organization.

Getting Started with Public Cloud

An ideal way of getting started with public cloud is to focus on cloud solutions that complement existing on-premise infrastructures instead or replacing them. That way, you create positive cloud showcases for your company without getting bogged down by a comparison between your existing on-premise infrastructure and a potential cloud setup.

Frequent gaps in on-premise landscapes include reliable and cost-effective systems for disaster recovery and on-demand development and test systems for innovation.

Read on to learn how Disaster Recovery as-a-Service helps to de-risk your on-premise environment and how ad-hoc access to development and test systems can spur your company’s digital transformation. [Anchor tags to lower sections]

Going “All-In” on Public Cloud

Great, you have seen the benefit of public cloud with initial projects and have now decided to go “all-in”. In fact, your early proof of concept projects were so convincing that you decided to move forward as fast as you can. A key objective is not to replicate what you currently have in your on-premise world, but to go a step beyond and leverage true native cloud capabilities for all workloads. After all, you want to properly set up your environment to start leveraging all the great capabilities that public cloud provides around Internet-of-Things (IoT), data lakes, artificial intelligence (AI), and micro services.

Based on this approach, you want to build a solid foundation with as little effort as possible so you can focus on differentiating your business.

Depending on your background, either read this business focused article or a slightly technical blog on how to architect SAP HANA in a cloud-native fashion so it truly enables digital transformation for “all-in” companies.

Or just read on below.

A Set of Logical Cloud Adoption Steps

For successful cloud adoption, follow the process outlined below – starting with use cases that focus on capabilities you do not currently possess and then moving to production workloads once you’ve achieved a level of comfort with the cloud model.  

If done right, traveling through these phases does not need to take long, say only a few weeks to a few months. This is especially true when shifting your IT approach from a “build-to-order” towards an “assemble-to-order” mentality.

Or in other words, think back to the old “core vs context” discussion: cover the context with off the shelf solutions like the Ocean9 Intelligent Platform for Database-as-a-Service and SAP-as-a-Service – and then focus on differentiating your core business.

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1 — De-Risk your existing on-premise System Landscape

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are prohibitively expensive due to the need for redundant infrastructure in an undisclosed location, requiring initial setup and ongoing management.

With public cloud, you can achieve disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost and with very strong recovery time objective and recovery point objective. Best of all, you can achieve cost savings of about 85%.

Read an Ocean9 article on CIOStory about Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) or go to the Ocean9 DRaaS solution page.

SAP HANA is the New Crown Jewel in the SAP Landscape — Frequently it Goes Unprotected

Read the article in the CIO Story Special SAP Edition!

2 — Accelerate your innovation and business transformation for the digital world

The lack of development and test systems for ad-hoc experimentation or incremental addition to ongoing projects has been slowing down experimentation for innovation for a long time. But exactly this is what powers success in our digital world. Fast Company even goes as far as saying that “Experimentation is the New Planning”.

With Ocean9, it is a trivial exercise to provision development and test capacity on demand. Besides being simple, fast, and effective, it is highly cost optimized. With hourly cloud and Ocean9 subscriptions – and the countless cost savings capabilities that are part of the Ocean9 platform – you can provision development systems from golden backups, schedule start and stop in sync with work hours, configure auto idle stop for systems that are not in use, and even wake up stopped systems in a few minutes.

If you need more convincing that development and test workloads are ideally suited to public cloud, see what Werner Vogels, AWS CTO said about this exact topic at AWS Re:Invent 2016.

Otherwise, drive your business forward and start experimenting!

3 — Differentiating your Digital Solutions and Growing your Digital Business

LWith every successful cloud project in phase 1 and 2 above, you will feel more and more comfortable moving production workloads into the cloud. And with every workload in the cloud, if managed well with a solution like the Ocean9 Intelligent Platform, you can now experience the advantages of public cloud like indefinite elasticity, start and stop of workloads, cost control and the ability to build innovative solutions for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) or data lakes, powered by public cloud provider capabilities that are now at your finger tip.

Please click here If you are ready to explore the portfolio of Database-as-a-Service and SAP-as-a-Service solutions by Ocean9.

If you need to reflect further and maybe discuss some of your workloads and business use cases with one of our experts, call us and consider our 2 – 3 day strategic cloud advisory workshops.

Or learn from a one of our favorite brands, Kellogg’s, and see how they are “all-in” and are aggressively moving their entire infrastructure to the public cloud!