Accelerating Digital Transformation 

>> Cloud native, modular As-a-Service solutions

>> Jumpstart SAP HANA, IoT and other initiatives

SAP HANA powered by Ocean9 

Flashbrand chooses Ocean9
to manage its SAP HANA Systems on Amazon Web Services

Simply click to launch your SAP HANA dedicated cloud service on AWS — 
Get HANA in 15 minutes and expert support whenever you need.

in 15 minutes and
expert support
whenever you need.

Ocean9 in CIO Review - downloadOcean9 in CIO Review SAP HANA on AWS - video

Driving Business Focus in Digital Transformation 

Ocean9 provides readily available  X-as-a-Service building blocks in a subscription consumption model. Offerings range from an SAP HANA-as-a-Service offering with up to 99.99% availability to Backup-as-a-Service, Internet-of-Things (IoT) and more. All of these capabilities are delivered via the cloud with a focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. What's more, with our Ocean9 Advisory offerings, we can support your Digital Transformation initiatives in the way you want as well as enable an effective and efficient on-boarding to cloud in general as well as our own growing list of Ocean9 offerings.

Providing new Levels of ...

High security and business continuity

Enterprise Readiness

Maximum deployment speed and business agility

Business Agility

Completely automated, one push button for all operations


Ocean9 Offering

Cloud Service Solutions

  • Public sizing and pricing tool for HANA on AWS
  • Ocean9 for SAP HANA on AWS
  • Backup-as-a-Service for SAP on AWS

Cloud Transformation Advisory

  • Cloud Strategy advisory
  • Digital Transformation advisory
  • Jumpstart for SAP HANA on AWS

Customer Quotes

“We just closed all four datacenters running SAP workloads. Key to our success was strong cloud advisory services for our SAP-to-AWS migration. Finally, we can focus on business transformation – and this has helped change the perception of IT from a cost center to a value center!”

Fazley Rabbi
IT Director, Pacific Inter-link Group, Malaysia

"We needed an easier way to run SAP HANA – ensuring security, scalability and high availability without consuming precious engineering resources, Ocean9 provides all of this. — Now we can focus our energies on our own product innovation and customer success!"

Denis Descause
CEO and Founder, Flashbrand

“Finally a complete cloud service that allows us to jump-start our SAP HANA projects and then seamlessly move into a productive setup for mission-critical workloads.”

Suresh Ketha
Co-Founder and Chairman of Advisory Board, Solunus Cloud Solutions

“Ocean9 is the ideal environment for launching and deploying our custom big data analytics projects. Our productivity has improved with zero lead time to provision a development system plus we are able to cut our platform cost significantly.”

Michael Bean
President and Co-founder, Forio

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