Ocean9 for SAP HANA on AWS — 30 minute demo

Thursdays 10 am Pacific 

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See the Deployment of an enterprise grade SAP HANA System on AWS — Live, in 20mins beginning to end

Want to learn more about Ocean9 and its leading capabilities? — There’s no better way than to see our intuitive configuration engine for defining and optimizing your SAP HANA environment in action!

Join us for this short, but packed live demonstration and see how we provision an SAP HANA environment on the fly, fully configured and ready to use in 15 minutes:

  • Configure and deploy SAP HANA systems from 30 GB to 16 TB RAM for productive use (larger sizes are possible for non-productive use)
  • See for yourself that a single pushbutton operation lets you create a HANA system cluster including replication across one, two or three sites (yes, a cluster with one site does make sense!)
  • See detailed monitoring capabilities including a summary system "health score" giving you instant insight into your valuable system assets

Of course, we will be happy to answer any question you may have and am looking forward to meeting you!

Join us for a live demo:

10 am Pacific time

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