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in 15 minutes and
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Ocean9 Horizon - DRaaS for SAP landscapes

Many SAP customers are migrating to SAP HANA based solutions and are building their mission critical digital transformation initiatives like smart stores or IoT around them. Yet, most SAP HANA implementations are not protected against disaster because of complexity and high investment cost. Ocean9 Horizon for SAP is the ideal solution to address these issues in an effective and efficient way. 

The time to fix critical exposure for your company is now. With the Ocean9 Horizon cloud based disaster recovery (DR) solution for SAP, you can easily and cost efficiently protect your SAP environments and company against the risk of an outage:

Fully Secure

Secure data transmission and storage with encryption at rest and in motion.

Easy, Fast and Reliable

A simple “one-click” disaster recovery process, easy to execute under pressure.

Production Grade Recovery

Clean installations and subsequent DR protection of the failover system.

Protect On Premise and Cloud Systems

Ocean9 protects both your existing on premise and SAP cloud environments. The capabilities, performance and user experience are identical across hybrid and intra cloud scenarios. 

  • No cloud lock-in
  • Relocate recovery target regions at any time
  • Relocate dev/test and production systems at any time
Hybrid and Intra Cloud DR

Fast and Secure Backup to the Cloud

Interconnect for Bandwidth for Cloud DRaaS

Ocean9 allows you to do full and incremental SAP system backups to the cloud as a basis for DR. A typical setup will rely on a daily or weekly full backup and incremental backups every few minutes per your database size, network bandwidth and requirements.

  • Data encryption at rest and in motion
  • Data compression and endpoint acceleration
  • Maximum performance at minimum cost

Leading Recovery Point and Time Objectives

With up to date cloud backups and a simple automated recovery procedure, your RPO is in the minutes and your RPO is between one and two hours.

  • Frequent full backups
  • Small delta backups every few minutes
  • Optimized for smaller bandwidth
Leading Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of minutes


Download the Ocean9 Horizon DRaaS data sheet >>