WEBINAR: SAP-as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure

Swen Conrad
Ocean9 Solution

Thursday, May 25 at 11 AM Pacific: Press the “Easy Button” for your mission critical enterprise SAP workloads

Swen Conrad
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May 23, 2017

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Register here or read on to find out more about this event

A quickly growing number of companies are considering and evaluating public for their mission critical enterprise workloads like SAP. And while the promise of public cloud with its availability, elasticity and cloud economics is significant, so is the required skill and engineering effort to take full advantage of native cloud for the enterprise. … Unless you work with the dream team ..

How SUSE, Ocean9, and Microsoft Deliver Value

The best solutions are build by strong and collaborative companies (and teams, see picture) like Microsoft, SUSE and Ocean9. We will jointly share how SAP-as-a-Service solutions give you the "Easy Button" for your mission critical SAP workloads. Join our webinar for a chance to claim a high value pilot as well as:

  • Learn about the newly announced infrastructure and options certified for SAP on Microsoft Azure
  • Learn how SUSE Linux is quickly becoming the de facto operating system for enterprise SAP workloads on public cloud
  • Learn how Ocean9 can provision SAP-as-a-Service with High Availability on Microsoft Azure

Now it’s up to You: Jumpstart your Project or Educate Yourself

It does not matter whether you are in the starting holes of your own enterprise transformation towards public cloud or just want to see the status quo of intelligent public cloud automation to educate yourself and your team.

In both cases, you will truly understand the amazing capabilities of state of the art Azure public cloud with SUSE and Ocean9 for your enterprise. And having this information, you will be able to make informed decisions now or in the near future.

 So do not wait and sign-up now! - Here is the link.

 Looking forward to seeing you at the event ... and in case you miss it, just sign up for one of our weekly 30 min demos here.

PS Big thank you to Microsoft for hosting the event and to SUSE for not only delivering the leading Linux distribution for SAP and beyond, but both firms for being amazing partners :)

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