New this week: Tailored SAP HANA Systems for everything from S/4 to B1 on the SuSE revision of your choice

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Select HANA Components + SuSE Linux Revision

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November 11, 2016

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We are working every day with a range of partners catering to customers with a lot of diverse SAP HANA use cases including

  • S/4 HANA
  • Customer Activity Recording
  • BW
  • Trade Promotion Management
  • Business One
  • Partner Build Solutions on HANA

To better support everyone we added two new capabilities to Ocean9.

Selecting SAP HANA Components

On the Environment Details screen we added a field for Additional HANA Components. Simply specify which additional components you need. For instance "afl" will add Advanced Function Libraries and Predictive Analytics.

Selecting SuSE Linux Revision

For multiple reasons we added the option to select the underlying operating system.

  • SuSE Linux 12.2 was released this week.
  • SuSE Linux for SAP provides you with premium linux support for SAP solutions.
  • SAP Business One on HANA requires a very specific set of additional Linux Based Components that only run on SuSE Linux 11.x.

Your choices:

  • SuSE Linux 11.4 (Experimental)
  • SuSE Linux 12.1 (Default)
  • SuSE Linux 12.2
  • SuSE Linux for SAP 12.1
  • SuSE Linux for SAP 12.2

We have tested all those releases for you. You can select the Linux Revision when you create a new SAP HANA Environment in Ocean9.

Our default remains SuSE Linux 12.1 for the time being.


  • In order to leverage SuSE Linux for SAP please subscribe to the Amazon Machine Images on the AWS Marketplace
  • Please use SuSE Linux 11.4 only if you do not have another choice. The 11.x branch is many years old, making it hard to get the maximum out of the cloud with this release.

As always let us know if you have additional requirements.

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