SAP HANA Startup chooses Ocean9 to manage its SAP HANA Systems on Amazon Web Services

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Flashbrand inspires a feedback revolution – Helps employees get better faster

Swen Conrad
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May 16, 2016

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Flashbrand recently selected Ocean9 for managing all their development, test and productive systems. If you want to know why Flashbrand chose us, it is best to read the press release here; it describes the benefits Ocean9 for SAP HANA brings to our customer. If you want to know more about the exciting real time employee feedback big data solution, keep on reading.

Inspire a feedback revolution – Help employees get better faster

When I first heard about Flashbrand and their approach to employee feedback, I said out loud, that “I wish I had experienced this approach in my previous jobs”. For example, I remember several times when after a hard year of work and many documented accomplishments, I am sitting in my annual review to find out about a situation or two that obviously did not go well. Unfortunately, trying to understand the full context and reconstructing the situation in order to derive personal lessons, there is not enough information or clarity about the issue; this is understandable, the situation may date several months back in the past. The result: Even with full openness to understand the situation and use the feedback as a learning opportunity, the lack of context and specifics at that point make the learning hard, if not impossible.

So what changes with Flashbrand?

Flashbrand is a mobile personal feedback application that allows anybody including individual contributors, managers or executives and even customers or partners to give and receive qualified personal feedback in a 360-degree fashion in real-time. This timely personal feedback, either positive or sometimes highlighting an area for growth, is then immediately shared with the employee in question. If the feedback is positive, a Flashbrand user can share the feedback instantly with his manager. If the feedback indicated a need for improvement in a certain area, the Flashbrand application automatically proposes learning assets and programs that will help the employee to hone his skills or improve his behavior in the area of the feedback. Any employee can share his opinion or mood at anytime with his HR department, his company, his CEO. Companies can now do much more than an employee survey once a year, they constantly and continuously listen to employees, analyze their feedback in real-time and adjust their decision or plans accordingly.

This is the beginning of the feedback culture, a petri dish for growing engaged and satisfied employees, as a study by PWC supports (PWC Millennials at Work, Reshaping the Workplace):

  • 0% of employees complain that current reviews represent a single point of view
  • 65% of Millennials cite “the opportunity for personal development” as the first criterion of their decision to accept a job offer
  • 99% of millennial say that regular feedback is important to them.

Find out more about Flashbrand here.


Flashbrand – A member of the SAP Startup Focus program

Flashbrand is one of many successful startups that are closely aligned with and supported by the SAP Startup Focus program. If you have not heard about the SAP Startup Focus program, go check it out now. It is awesome! – If you know of it, you know what I am talking about J

What makes the SAP Startup Focus program so unique is the combination of providing a leading technology platform with SAP HANA, combined with a strong connection to Amazon Web Services and last, but not least, a network and community providing resources and support to members.

This, combined with a great idea and entrepreneurial zest, is how Flashbrand got started.

The need to scale

With increasing Flashbrand solution capabilities and market traction, the engineering team had to focus their full attention on core development, customer onboarding and support activities. There was less and less time for managing and running the development, test and production landscapes for SAP HANA on AWS any longer. Plus the setup grew and also became more sophisticated over time. The Flashbrand team realized that system maintenance and operation was not an area they could differentiate their great product in the market with: What had started out small and manageable had grown into a sophisticated and powerful solution.

Ocean9 is excited to be part of the growing Flashbrand’s success!

After successfully onboarding Flashbrand onto the Ocean9 for SAP HANA solution, our team is proud to be part of the Flashbrand journey. Customers and partners that we can help focus on their core product innovation are what makes us get out of bed in the morning! – The quote below nicely summarizes the beginning of a hopefully long lasting relationship amongst our two companies:

"We needed an easier way to run SAP HANA – ensuring security, high availability and scalability without consuming precious engineering resources," says Denis Descause, CEO at Flashbrand. "Ocean9 provides all of this. Now we can focus our energies on our own product innovation and customer success."

Call to Action for all SAP Startup Focus members as well as HANA ISV solution providers

Are you an SAP Startup Focus member and need help with managing your system on AWS? – If yes please get in touch with us so we can discuss how we can help you!

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