From Zero to SAP HANA ... 

>> in 15 minutes tops!

>> cloud native on AWS!

SAP HANA powered by Ocean9 

Flashbrand chooses Ocean9
to manage its SAP HANA Systems on Amazon Web Services

Ocean9 for
generally available on AWS

Simply click to launch your SAP HANA dedicated cloud service on AWS — 
Get HANA in 15 minutes and expert support whenever you need.

in 15 minutes and
expert support
whenever you need.

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From Zero to SAP HANA ... 

>> in 15 minutes tops!

>> cloud native on AWS!

See video demo NOWSign-up for a DEMO

Business agility for your Digital Transformation initiative

Ocean9 is a next generation operating system for Big Data environments in the cloud. It lets you create tailor made big data environments for SAP HANA, Apache Spark and more. With the power of the Amazon Web Services platform, a simple push of a button launches your customized big data environment with increased performance and up-time as compared to other offerings. At the same time, Ocean9 keeps an eye on cost and automatically detects idling systems for manual or automatic shut down. On top, we guarantee defined qualities-of-service and have an experienced team standing by to support you ensuring 24x7 mission critical operations for you.

Available for the way you operate

Managed Service — available now!

Fully automated managed service with full customer access and control of your valuable enterprise systems through our intuitive management console. Based with the management, security, and support of an experienced team; call us whenever you need.

Ideally suited for productive enterprise deployments, both for customers first transitioning to cloud as well as customers with previous cloud and AWS experience.

Online Self-Service — coming soon

Do you want to try out the leading Ocean9 or SAP HANA technologies within a proof-of-concept project? Then jump-start  your initiative without any upfront investment or deployment risk using the Ocean9 self-service.

This option is ideally suited for customer exploring the leading SAP HANA capabilities for SAP S/4 HANA or SAP Business Warehouse on SAP HANA. Try us risk free with flexible hourly pricing.

Driving business agility with simplicity for SAP HANA

High security and business continuity

Enterprise ready

  • Engineered for the enterprise from the ground up 
  • Business continuity through high availability and disaster recovery with industry leading Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Strict security based on leading AWS best practices
Maximum deployment speed and business agility

Speed & Agility

  • Seamlessly move from proof-of-concept stage to production
  • Start business projects without delay by provisioning SAP HANA systems in 15 minutes flat
  • Scale with the tides of your business and expedite roll-out of successful business initiatives at the push of a button
Completely automated, one push button for all operations


  • Leverage cloud native architecture patterns for breakthrough flexibility and control at ease
  • Eliminate traditional procurement planning and execution and reduce your overhead
  • Don't worry about the infrastructure and systems details we take care of them

What our valued customers and partners say about us

What our customers and partners say about us

"We needed an easier way to run SAP HANA – ensuring security, scalability and high availability without consuming precious engineering resources, Ocean9 provides all of this. — Now we can focus our energies on our own product innovation and customer success!"

Denis Descause
CEO and Founder, Flashbrand

“Finally a complete cloud service that allows us to jump-start our SAP HANA projects and then seamlessly move into a productive setup for mission-critical workloads.”

Suresh Ketha
Co-Founder and Chairman of Advisory Board, Solunus Cloud Solutions

“Ocean9 is the ideal environment for launching and deploying our custom big data analytics projects. Our productivity has improved with zero lead time to provision a development system plus we are able to cut our platform cost significantly.”

Michael Bean
President and Co-founder, Forio

Built and operated by an expert team

Combined team experience


37 years.

Cloud & AWS

19 years.

Enterprise IT

22 years.
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  • Cloud and AWS – 19 years
  • IT operations and management – 20 years

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